Austin show with CotFG at Mass Gallery

OK. So on Sunday, drummer Duncan Black and I made a run down to Austin to make an appearance at the Mass Gallery, on the East end of 6th St. Our host Thomas Fang graciously invited us to be part of the evening's line up, which was presented by the Church Of The Friendly Ghost. I found CotFG to be a great network of friends who are capable of appreciating extreme minimalism in sound design and live performance. Extreme minimalism isn't for everyone, so I appreciate these folks when I find them. It seems to me that many of us who were performing that night owe a debt to Brian Eno's "Thursday Afternoon", his groundbreaking ambient video. At least I can say it was a major inspiration to me, in the early days, before C.o.E. started... And although ours was probably the most "rock-ish" of the acts, I felt quite lucky to be part of the event, performing along with other like-minded artists.  Saw many old friends! The trip just galvanized the realization that we must get down to Austin more often. My only regret is that I was so busy catching up with old friends, that I missed out on meeting new ones. Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out. -G

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